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Green Stamp

Corporate Social Rersponsibility with Proof!

WE ENERGY blazes new trails for the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies in Greece by providing its business customers with the “Green Stamp”.

Any company contracted with WE ENERGY automatically receives the “Green Badge”, which certifies, with the “stamp” of the Administrator of RES & Guarantee of Origin – DAPEEP (formerly LAGIE – Operator of Electricity Market), that its holder is using electricity generated from Renewable Energy Sources.

With the “Green Stamp”, WE ENERGY enables businesses to leverage a powerful tool to develop or enhance their corporate identity and gain consumer`s trust and loyalty.

In particular, customers of WE ENERGY can place the “Green Stamp” on the packaging of their products, their shops, their fleet vehicles and all their communication actions.

Research shows that consumers are largely willing to opt for environmentally friendly products and services.

That is why renewable energy use is a priority for many businesses around the world, not only as an integral part of their sustainability goals, but also as a central pillar of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

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How do I get the Green Stamp?